A Biased Opinion Part 2

As much as the foodie in me loves to wax poetic about our restaurants, there is more to Flagstaff than food. There are plenty of outdoor activities to work off all those meals! There is lots to see and do while you are vising Flagstaff and surrounding area. This small town had a rich history with connections to the moon landing, Native American Heritage sites, and outdoor fun!

Enjoy the Fresh Mountain Air

Starting with the San Francisco Peaks elevations is at a whopping 12,633 ft! This active-dormant volcano is the highest point in Arizona. Our peaks has all your mountain adventure needs. Flagstaff has great family activities for all seasons. Snow Bowl Ski Resort will take you up the mountain even when there is not snow on the ground. It can be a chilly ride, but the view’s are well worth it!

San Francisco Peaks

 If you have a love of night skies or stories about the first lunar mission, take some time to visit the Lowell Observatory. Discover Flagstaff’s role in the lunar mission by booking a tour at the Lowell Observatory and see the stars through their outdoor observation deck. General admission is $25 for adults, 16 for ages 5-17, and free for younger kids (AAA/seniors/students/military are at a discounted rate). Not quite ready to hang out at the observatory? Don’t despair, Flagstaff is a Darks Skies Town, meaning that the town restricts street light’s brightness. So if you’re visiting from a big city, don’t leave town without looking up at night to see the stars, you won’t regret it!

Designation started 2001

Don’t Miss These Parks!

Finally there are lots of smaller parks near the Flagstaff area for geology fans and history enthusiasts. Don’t miss Sunset Crater or Walnut Canyon for parks with great information on Native history and the unique geology of the area. (Hint: ask us about all the hills surrounding Flagstaff).

If you’re a movie buff (like I am) Flagstaff also has made a surprising amount of appearances on the silver screen. According to IMDB, a surprising number of movies have been filmed in Flagstaff and surrounding areas, including Casa Blanca, Forrest Gump, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. 

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