Team Building Workshop

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Flagstaff, Arizona


1-3 Days


Grand Canyon, Sedona

Team Building Workshop

Immerse your team in one of the Seven Natural Wonders with world class facilitation to engage in North America’s most impactful team building experience. Jason Field is an experienced executive coach, board chairman, professional guide and former CEO of WL Gore and Associates, draws upon the Colorado Plateau’s natural history, human history and geology to use the setting as a catalyst for building and accelerating team performance. Jason’s white glove approach begins with team leader alignment to shape an agenda that advances your precise business objectives.

We also offer custom multi-day leadership retreats that incorporate alpine, desert, and canyon destinations, activities and facilitated sessions.

What are the physical fitness requirements?
  • Grand Canyon National Park is at 7000’ elevation, which will likely make walking feel more difficult and you may get tired more quickly.
  • Each event is tailored to team goals with consideration for physical capability. We can build a day around a strenuous hike into the canyon or short walks on the canyon rim.
Can you accommodate physical disabilities?
  • Yes, please call to discuss specific needs.
Are there alternatives to the Grand Canyon and/or can we include additional activities?
  • Yes, Grand Canyon Adventures also operates in Sedona, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Monument Valley. We can create a custom itinerary based on your team’s interests and objectives.
Is there a leadership framework that is used and/or taught during the event?
  • The core framework focuses on communicating clear objectives, setting and managing expectations, and establishing feedback loops to measure progress. We call this direction, pace and tone.
  • After action review is taught and utilized to derive insights and carry them forward.
  • Additional frameworks are incorporated to create experiential learning opportunities that address each team’s unique business objectives.
Where can I get more information about the coaching principles?
Can Self Reliant Leadership facilitate our entire strategic retreat?
  • Yes. Self Reliant Leadership works with large and small organizations to clarify values, sharpen strategy, elevate brand and set up focused execution.
Will my cell phone work?
  • This is your day, but we highly recommend you digitally detox, and only use your phone for maps and pictures. Coverage is spotty on the rim, and non-existent in the canyon. Our guides will have satellite communication in case of an emergency.



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