Visit Flagstaff

Flagstaff sits in the mountains of Northern Arizona, acting as the state’s gateway to some of the most-visited and iconic landscapes in the Southwest. If planning a visit to Flagstaff, you’ll find yourself at the perfect jumping-off point for your adventures.

We get to enjoy all four seasons in Flagstaff. The diverse wildlife and plant life in this region rely on this seasonal variation. During monsoon season in Flagstaff, which happens between early July and mid-September, the area can get as much as half of its annual precipitation. While the monsoon rains can put a literal damper on outdoor fun if you find yourself caught in them, they can also make for some visually-stunning scenes.

Grand Canyon Adventures offers a variety of single-day and multi-day tours departing from Flagstaff. Leaving in the morning on one of our comfortable tour vans, we’ll head out for a day (or four!) of fun. Whether you want to enjoy a guided Grand Canyon hike, explore with just your group on a private tour of Antelope Canyon, or cover a lot of ground while seeing all the major sites on a four-day Grand Canyon excursion, Flagstaff is the place to start.

While the opportunities for incredible sightseeing and outdoor adventures abound outside of Flagstaff, there’s plenty to do right in the city itself. The area is full of rich history and geology, and we recommend you leave time to check out Flagstaff’s wonderful museums, as well as its great restaurants and shops! When you visit Flagstaff, you’ll get the best of both worlds.