Of the many animals that can be spotted at the Grand Canyon, the one you would most likely see swooping over your head is the Raven. Outfitted with an all black appearance from beak to feet, the raven is known to be among the most intelligent animals in the world. Leaving the nest at just 5-6 weeks after hatching, they become the only bird that is capable of flying upside down using their 3-4 ft wingspan to aid them. 

With their diet consisting of insects, rodents, lizards and even taking human foods, these omnivores work together to get what they want. Even sneaking to distract then unzip a person’s bag to steal the contents within. These clever birds, have even been heard to mimic a dogs bark. However, this also serves as  a reminder to be considerate of what gets left behind. Let’s all remember to properly dispose of trash and to not feed the animals. So on your first or next time visit, be sure to take a look up into the sky or along the edge of the canyon and you might just see a Raven swirling throughout the sky! See one for yourself by joining one of our Grand Canyon Day Tours leaving from Flagstaff, AZ!