So you have just booked a summer hike with us and need to know what to expect? Besides a great time, make sure you are prepared for hot weather. Even in the spring and fall temperatures can get up to 70°-90° Fahrenheit. While this may not seem like extreme weather, when you account for elevation at Grand Canyon, higher temperatures can take new hikers unawares. The deeper into summer weather you go the hotter it gets. Here are some key tips to prepare you for a fun filled day!

Tip #1

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to start your day well hydrated. If you are worried about bathroom breaks, don’t we have you covered! The best way to beat the heat is to address it before it becomes a problem. When you arrive in Flagstaff does your mouth feel dry? Drink Water. Do you feel a little thirsty? Drink water. Skin feel dry? Put on some sunscreen, then drink water. Make sure you start your summer hydration routine before you are set to go onto the tour. You will thank yourself when you start on the tour the next day. 

Tip #2


Our bodies can be finicky, and hydration is important, but your body better absorbs water if there are snacks to absorb all the water you are drinking. That does mean snacking, salt is best when you are drinking more water than you usually do, and sweet snacks are great at giving you energy to keep you on the trail. We will provide snacks on the tour, but don’t hesitate to bring along your favorite snacks! 

Tip #3

Sun Protection

Local’s in the know often wear sun shirts, wide brim hats, and comfortable walking shoes. Comfort is key for hikes. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite sunscreen, sunglasses, and after sun care kits. If you forget to bring the essentials, we will have some items available at our office for your convenience. 

Tip #4

Have Fun

Quick Pose and a Break!

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Make sure to leave space in your phone for lots of pictures and make sure you have plenty of batteries for the day. You will have lots of opportunities to document your excursion! If you have a particularly great photo, share it with us and enter our Photo Contest (Linked) via Instagram.